A digital freight platform for smarter, faster, smoother loads.

Technology is changing the freight business. Online tools and integrations now separate the “old school” players from the innovators. At FALCO, we understand that shippers and carriers aren’t just looking for technology. You’re looking for outcomes. And we have your freight tech covered.

Exactly what shippers want.

Get a Quote

Just enter the freight details and get your quote.

Book a Load

Accept the quote and schedule your freight.

View Load History

See complete load detail including PODs and BOLs.

Real Time Visibility

Track and trace in real time with geo-location detail.

Manage Invoices

Access invoice detail and payment status on all loads.

Connect Systems

Plug it in with EDI, API or direct connections.

Want to see our shipper tools in action?

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Exactly what carriers want.

Search for Loads

Search the active load board by date, location & equipment.

Bid Lanes

Post availability, match equipment & submit a quote.

Manage Loads

View complete load detail for loads scheduled, in transit & complete.

Track & Trace

Access real time visibility and geo-location details of your loads.

View Invoices

Access invoice detail, PODs, BOLs and payment status on all loads.

Access Reports

Build and download custom reports based on load and invoice data.

Want to see our carriers tools in action?

Check out the complete details on the carrier portal page and sign up today!

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