50 ft Air-Ride, Detachable Goosneck

50 Ton Lowboy Flatbed
Trailer specification features may vary based upon model year, trailer type and location. Equipment is subject to availability at each location.


Equipment Specifications

Inside Dimensions Metric Imperial
Overall Length 15.24 m 50'
Overall Width 2,591 mm 102''
Overall Frame Width 2,591 mm 102''
Deck Height 20" main deck, 39" rear deck (6" ground clearance loaded)
Deck Length - Center 610 mm 24''
Coupler Height 1,219 mm 48''
Kingpin Setting 406 mm 16''
Weight (+/- 3%) 8,528 kg 18,800 lbs
Suspension Fixed position tridem axles with Air-Ride suspension, including automatic and manual raising and lowering system
Axles 5/8" axle wall, 25,000 lb. capacity with synthetic wheel-end lubricant
Tires 255/70R 22.5 premium radial tires
Wheels 8.25" x 22.5" steel hub-piloted wheels
Brakes 16-1/2" x 7" x 3/4" s-cam, quick-change brake shoes
ABS 4 sensor / 2 modulator-valve system
Gooseneck Hydraulic removable gooseneck with adjustable ride height. Powered by on-board gasoline engine
Main Frame Fabricated high-tensile steel main beams
Side Rails 12" steel I-beams
Crossmembers 8" steel I-beam crossmembers on 24" centers
Bolsters Heavy-duty bolsters with chain slots and flag holders behind each axle
Cargo Control Lash rings
Floor 1-1/2" apitong floor with 12" outriggers on both sides. 2 heavy-duty hinged ramps at front of main deck
Lights & Wiring Sealed-beam lights with a fully sealed wiring harness and internal ground
Electrical Connections 7-way ATA plug with no circuit breakers
Air Connections Stationary gladhands

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